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Ancient China, For healthy India.

With the fastest economic developing, our environment is far away from natural, our food is no more organic, our stresses are from each side of life. Why do we have More and more doctors and hospitals, but more and more patience. There are many healthcare options to choose like fast foods. So which is the better one ? which is the suitable one? 

To focus on Sub health healthcare, Ancient China was founded in Feb 2017 by Mrs Yingchun Duan (Emily) ,Mrs Yuxian Li (Viola),and Mr Peng (Midas) . We decided to help people recover from illness and live healthily with our ancient traditional method which are  the oldest healthcare systems in the world which has contributed to the health and well-being of Chinese people for centuries

We mainly help people work better with their own body recovery system, guide their lifestyle. when our body is in a well balanced condition, the disorders related to sub health will be cured by our own body itself People surrounding start to face all different kinds of sub healthy symptoms such as neck head, low back pain, tireness, weakness, disorders, unreasonable weigh gained etc . 

Before we start this special therapy center, Viola and her husband Midas already settled in Bangalore for a couple of years. Viola was a neurology nurse and now is a nutritionist and Chinese Meridian Therapist. Midas is a dietician and also the Meridian and Cupping therapist. They conduct wellness programs for their passion for more than 5 years. Hundreds of Indians have been benefitted by their therapies, including general public and corporate employees, such as IBM and Tech Mahindra. 

 Emily was MD of an electronics company in Guangzhou China. With yearly high stressed hard working, sub health issues happened to her. After long treatments, she recovered and realized that help people out of Sub healthy condition is more important than anything else.Because in Chinese one old says is:

Prevention is more important than cure.


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